About the Mount Independence Coalition

The Mount Independence Coalition was created in 1989 to assist in raising private and public support for Mount Independence, in recognition of its significant natural and human history. The activities of this nonprofit tax exempt organization include assisting in the design and construction of exhibits and signs, maintaining and improving trails, working with other private and public organizations on interpretation, development and research on the Mount, and helping to develop and present educational programs.

Among our activities:

  • Programming interpretive events to introduce visitors to the rich military, cultural and natural history of Mount Independence.
  • Building community awareness of this rich historic treasure.
  • Raising money to support programs and facilities at the Mount.
  • Supporting scholarly research to further our knowledge of Mount Independence’s colorful and significant history.
  • Publishing The Courier: The History of Mount Independence Online

Membership in the Coalition is open to anyone. We welcome and appreciate your support through membership, volunteering and financial donations.

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