Strong Ground publication celebration

On Saturday, July 29, folks gathered at the Mount Independence State Historic Site to help the Coalition celebrate the publication of Strong Ground: Mount Independence and the American Revolution.

A “Strong Ground” cake, baked by The Wheel Inn, was the centerpiece of the refreshments served during the party. (Photo by Steve Zeoli)

There was a little pomp and circumstance. Speakers included MIC president Steve Zeoli, author Don Wickman, Laura Trieschmann head of the Division for Historic Preservation, Ron Morgan and historian Gene Procknow.

Historian Gene Procknow delivered the keynote address during the ceremonies. (Photo by Ennis Duling)

The duo of Rick Klein and Peter Macfarlane of Atlantic Crossing performed the song “Mount Independence” during the ceremony, then regaled the audience with their fine Celtic-influenced folk music.

Rick Klein (left) and Peter Macfarlane (right) peformed the song “Mount Independence” during the ceremony. (Photo by Steve Zeoli)

There were many people to thank for the making of Strong Ground, but no one was more responsible for the whole package than Ennis Duling, who served as editor and chief of the project and went above and beyond the call of duty. The Coalition was happy to award Ennis with a framed triptych of pages from the book as a token of thanks for his role in the project.

Ennis Duling with the framed “thank you” from the Coalition. (Photo by Don Wickman)

After the ceremonial part of the afternoon was completed, Ennis and Don cut the first piece of cake and the music and eating began.

Ennis Duling (left) and Don Wickman (right) cut the Strong Ground cake.

The refreshments were provided by The Wheel Inn of Benson. (If you’ve never eaten there, treat yourself. A slice of one of their homemade pies is a meal in itself.)

Nick Zeoli, a former Coalition board member, was moved to dance to the music of Atlantic Crossing. (Photo by Ennis Duling)