Media Coverage of Strong Ground

Tracking media coverage of Strong Ground.

Rev War Talk

The Rev War Talk website had this to say about Strong Ground:

Strong Ground is a well crafted book, 112-pages of full colored photographs and illustrations; it opens with an introduction into one of Philip Schuyler’s key decisions, selecting a piece of land on which to take a defensive position in the fight for freedom. The Mount Independence Coalition has spent considerable time in its research, writing, and editing to bring a thorough and polished resource about these events.

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The Journal of the American Revolution

Over at the website, The Journal of the American Revolution said this about Strong Ground:

Wickman enlivens the story of Mt. Independence by quoting numerous primary sources including the daily journal of military engineer Jeduthan Baldwin that describes his efforts to construct the fortifications. Demonstrating rigorous scholarship, he cites numerous other journals, orderly books and memoirs, several of which are quoted or the documents reproduced. In addition to primary source documents, the book contains engaging maps, illustrations and pictures to aid the reader’s understanding. Pictures and descriptions of artifacts found during archeologist investigations on Mt. Independence provide a “museum-like” experience for the reader. In addition, there are sidebars presenting interesting facts on famous and ordinary men and women as well as generals and civilians who figure in the Mt. Independence story.

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The Sun

In early August one of our local news organizations, The Sun, published a story about Strong Ground and Mount Independence:

A bold new book, titled “Strong Ground: Mount Independence and the American Revolution”, tells the complete story about Vermont’s role in the War for Independence.

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