Contemplative exploration of the trees of Mount Independence – Sept. 23

A Contemplative Natural History of Trees and Shrubs

Mount Independence State Historic Site

Saturday, September 23 beginning a 1:00 pm

Conservation Ecologist Marc Lapin, who teaches at Middlebury College, will lead this contemplative ecology walk at Mount Independence. Participants will learn about tree and shrub natural history and identification, and they will also learn techniques to observe deeply and connect to nature in more interior, mindful ways. Marc will introduce the science of Goethe, the German botanist/scientist/author who worked on a “science of qualities” the intent of which is to broaden the science of quantities of Newton and Des Cartes.

“Sounds heady!” Marc says. “But in practice the methods develop very careful perception of nature (plants in our case) using multiple senses. The Irish poet John McDonough spoke of a ‘crisis of interiority,’ and I see this type of science/natural history as a way to help us gain back an interior life and deeper connections to nature (and humans). Good stuff for the healing that our world is in dire need of.”

Participants will meet at the visitor center at 1:00 p.m. Wear appropriate shoes for a walk through the forest of Mount Independence. Regular admission fees apply (Coalition members enter free). Call 802-948-2000 for more information.