Annual Meeting – Saturday, June 9

The Mount Independence Coalition invites all of its members to attend this year’s annual meeting. It takes place at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 9, at the Visitor Center Auditorium. Among the usual business of the day, we’ll be voting on a new board member, Heather Workman of Orwell. Here is a brief bio for Heather:

Heather Workman has been a Vermonter from birth, a fact that may surprise you after hearing her delightful “British” accent, the result of what she describes as a geographically and culturally eclectic upbringing, which includes school in the United Kingdom.
Heather studied modern philology (French, Spanish, and Swahili, Arabic) and British Literature at St. Lawrence University; spent a year abroad at the University of Salamanca and a colegio in Madrid, and completed her undergraduate degree at UVM in Classical Philology and British Literature. (She is also just two courses shy of a plant and soil science degree.) She has been involved in ecological sustainable agriculture in some capacity for 12 years. Her interest in heritage crafts dates back to childhood when she learned to use a treadle loom. While at St. Lawrence University, Heather worked as curator and historical costuming consultant in the costume shop. She currently feeds this enthusiasm for textiles and costumes by studying the making of traditional knife pleated kilts.
But the interest Heather describes as nearest and dearest to her heart is horsemanship. As an historical interpreter in the 1st Vermont Cavalry Company K, a chapter of the Champlain Valley Historical Reenactors, she has the chance to entwine many of her interests. “Nothing brings me greater joy,” she says, “than to be representing the special bond between cavalryman and mount with such an amazing group of people.”
Heather lives in Orwell and is looking forward to joining the Coalition board. She wants to reassure everyone that despite her accent she is not a covert agent for General Burgoyne.
There will be coffee and other refreshments.
Be sure to stay for the J. Robert Maguire Lecture, featuring historian and author Willard Sterne Randall, who will be talking about Benedict Arnold: Fact and Fiction. The lecture starts at 2:00 p.m.