Guns on Mount Defiance

Coalition board memer Michael Barbieri has another Mount Independence related article posted to The Journal of the American Revolution. This time he tackles the Guns On Mount Defiance.

Michael answers the questions, could British cannons atop Defiance reach American forces at Ticonderoga and on the Mount? And, if so, did that have an influence on the the American decision to withdraw on the night of July 5, 1777?

Absolute proof that shot from Defiance could reach the positions came during Col. John Brown’s Raid in September 1777. On the first day of the attack, Capt. Ebenezer Allen’s company captured the battery on Defiance and subsequently bombarded the fort.[5] If inexperienced American militia could get shot to fall on the positions, then trained British and German artillerymen certainly could.

It’s a fascinating article, well worth reading.