David Pinkham 1926-2020

David Pinkham, a founding member of the Mount Independence Coalition, passed away on July 30. He was 93 years old.

Dave was a champion of Mount Independence. Participating in archaeological digs in the late 1980s and early 1990s introduced Dave to other enthusiasts of the site, and he joined several of them to start the Coalition. He lobbied the legislature to fund and build the Mount’s Visitor Center, which was dedicated in 1996. Dave volunteered his time to speak in front of groups about the historic significance of the Mount. Dave also pushed the Coalition to write and publish a book about Mount Independence.

“I don’t know that the book would ever have gotten off the ground without Dave’s efforts,” recalled former Coalition President Ron Morgan. The book Strong Ground: Mount Independence and the American Revolution was published in 2017.

The Coalition acknowledged this debt to Dave in the book’s pages:

As an early crusader for a book about the Mount, David Pinkham played a key role in making Strong Ground a reality.

The board of the Mount Independence Coalition send our sincere condolences to Pinkham family.

You can find Dave Pinkham’s obituary here.