Mount Independence earns major preservation grant

We are pleased to be able to report that, as part of the American Battlefield Protection Program (ABPP), the National Park Service has awarded a grant of $40,900 to the Division for Historic Preservation to be used for preserving Mount Independences historic legacy.

To quote from the letter of supprt submitted by the Coalition:

This project will build on the 2016 ABPP grant project, “Geospatial Mapping of the Landward Section of Mount Independence.” It will integrate the mapping with the collection inventory, updating and adding information to it, to create a methodology and sustainable system for collections information and control. This will be a major step forward in collection stewardship for the site. It is important work that will be helpful for planning for the 250th anniversary of the nation in 2026 and of Mount Independence in 2026-27, for future research, and continuing our work with the historic site in collaborating on engaging and informative public programming.

Learn more about the grant and the ABPP here.